Before & After

PhiBrows is a semi permanent technique using colour pigment penetrating the top layer of skin. It is unique for its most natural look in shape, colour and definition.

Is it the same as an eyebrow tattoo?

No far from it. It’s only performed on the skins surface. The technique used is natural feathering of hair like strokes using a unique hand tool creating a beautifully designed brow.

How many treatments do I require?

After your first treatment you will need a top up 30-45 days later as the initial procedure can fade up to 70%. This allows us to fill in any gaps and make any changed that may be needed. However, in some cases you may require 1 or 2 more treatments for extra definition. A following top up procedure is required every 12-18 months.

Is it painful?

It can be uncomfortable; however an anaesthetic cream is applied to the brow area 20 minutes prior to your treatment to numb the area. Anaesthetic is then continuously applied throughout the procedure to decrease any pain or discomfort.

Am I suitable for PhiBrows?

Everyone is suitable for PhiBrows. Especially those who have no brow hair, have over plucked or waxed, want a complete reshape or high definition.

Is it safe?

Yes this procedure is perfectly safe with minimal possibilities of side effects. All equipment used is disposable and sterilised. 24 hour patch test is required.

Here are some before and after photos of PhiBrows done by our own very talented Liz Cronin…