Body Treatments


Reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of everyday stress. Our expert massage therapists will restore your sense of well-being with customised combinations of deep tissue, Swedish massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Pregnancy massage & Indian Head massage.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is a specialty massage where the therapist uses smooth, heated stones to warm up tight muscles so he can work on pressure points and problem areas to alleviate tension and stress. Hot stones may either be placed on the body or used as an extension of the therapist’s hands, which allows the therapist to work more deeply and more quickly.


Eve Taylor Spa Body

Marine Mud Wrap

* Renew & restore
* Rich in calcium, magnesium & minerals
* Cleansing & detoxifying
* Calcified seaweed for high absorbency


Salt & Seaweed Scrub

A fine textured sea salt infused with seaweed and essential oils. Thoroughly removes cellular debris and dull skin leaving skin soft, smooth and polished.
Mineral rich salts nourish the skin providing vital nutrients.
Increase circulation to assist in the detoxification process.





Despite regular exercise and the most stringent of diets, the body can store fat in certain areas. Lipomassage by Endermology is a non invasive body sculpting technique, which reshapes and encourages inch loss on problem areas, reduces the appearance of cellulite and tones and tightens loose skin.

Lipomassage has been scientifically proven to stimulate lipolysis, which causes the breakdown of fatty acids. Lipomassage is a localised treatment using Independent Motorised Rollers (IMR) which tones and “lifts” the treated area without the need for surgery.

Shrinking Violet Wrap

The revolutionary fat loss wrap that actually works! Drop 1 dress size in 1 hour! book
Shrinking violet body wrap is a revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat. The fat is removed from the areas you want without effort or discomfort. The amount of fat reduction varies depending on your build, but many people may reduce by at least one whole dress size after the first treatment. Lipolysis offers pain free slimming and breaks down inside the actual fat cells where triglycerides are changed to free fatty acid so that they can be excreted in tissue fluid and further transported to the lymph vessels.


Radiofrequency (RF) treatments are procedures involving the use of a radiofrequency (RF) energy device to heat up and tighten tissue to boost blood flow and break down cellulite and fat. The radiofrequency energy heats the skin without damaging it, in order to break down fatty cells and stimulate collagen production, which improves skin tone and elasticity. Radiofrequency treatments can be used to treat excess pockets of fat on the stomach, hips and thighs, reduce cellulite and tighten saggy skin caused by weight loss or pregnancy. The treatment is very safe and has minimal downtime.

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