Janus Facial Skin Analysis

REVIVE Skin & Laser Clinic have the latest technology in skin analysis that allows us to view the condition of your skin using different light forms.

What is a Janus Facial Skin Analysis ?

The Janus Facial Skin Analysis system takes three photos of your face, Normal, Polarised & UV.

The data is gathered and the images are then compared to a database of people of the same age and profile.  Your skin is compared directly with those in the database and results are shown based on a scorecard.

The analysis shows results for the following:

Skin Tone
UV Damage

What do the results mean ?

The database of people you are compared to, shows a mean value, and ranks your skin condition in three categories, Bad, Normal & Good.
Based on this assessment, we are able to advise on the right course of action to correct skin problems such as wrinkles, acne and sun damage.
The Janus skin analysis assists us in making a clear and comprehensive decision on the best course of action to take in the treatment of skin conditions. The results are visible to the client and they can see for themselves their skin issues through these high resolution photos.

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