CoolPlus Fat Freezing

Mar 10


This treatment is perfect for the stubborn areas that just won’t budge!
❄️ During cryolipolysis, a device with a vacuum-like suction is placed onto your problem area. The fat cells directly under the skin surface are then frozen and die as a result. This biological process is called apoptosis or cell death
❄️ After cell death, your body absorbs these destroyed fat cells. Your liver then breaks down these cells, secreting them from the body as waste material
❄️ The science behind fat-freezing is simple. Your fat cells are more sensitive to the cold temperature than your skin tissue. This is why freezing your fat cells is possible without damaging the surrounding skin
❄️ On average you lose 20-30% of the fat cells in the area being treated Full results seen after 12 weeks
March Special
⭐️ €150 per cup ⭐️